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Verifying Static Inside NAT and PAT: This section shows commands used to verify NAT and PAT configuration on an ASA using static inside NAT or PAT.
You can disable TCP initial sequence number randomization if necessary, for example, because data is getting scrambled.Note the new options demonstrated here, of defining both a range and a subnet, rather than only a host address as network objects (spacing inserted for readability object network inside-segment subnet!This scenario assumes a Pool ID of 8 was used, with a PAT address.Figure 7-16 shows an example where the web servers local IP address of will be translated to a global IP address of, and the FTP servers local IP address of will be translated to a global IP address.Figure 7-14 shows the results in the NAT Rules window.

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MPF rules, like access lists, can apply to traffic either as it ingresses the ASA through an interface or as it egresses the ASA through an interface.Adding a Manual NAT After Auto NAT Rule This opens the Add NAT Rule After Network Object NAT Rules window, as shown in Figure 7-56.The presented scenario will once again use a familiar example (with a slight modification) to begin.When the average rate is exceeded, syslog message 733105 is ep 6 Monitor the results with the following commands: show threat-detection statistics top tcp-intercept all detailView the top 10 protected servers under attack.If you delete a static NAT rule from the ASA, the associated entries in the translation table are automatically removed; however, existing sessions remain functional unless manually cleared by an administrator.As already stated, any ASA configured to perform NAT will.However, if NAT control is enabled, and there are traffic flows that you do not want to undergo address translation, you must configure NAT exemption rules.Figure 7-6 shows the /24 address range being specified.Any outbound packets requiring translation in such a situation would be dropped.Note Static PAT allows you to use the same global IP address for many different static rules, provided the port is unique for each rule.You can select one to which you want to bind this NAT rule, and click.For example, if you entered the following two commands in class configuration mode:hostname(config-pmap-c set connection conn-max 600hostname(config-pmap-c set connection embryonic-conn-max 50The output of the show running-config policy-map command would display the result of the two commands in a single, combined command:set connection conn-max 600 embryonic-conn-max.Configuring NAT Control As previously mentioned, NAT control is a feature that configures the ASA to enforce NAT usagethat is, to require a translation rule for each host on a more secure interface when it communicates with hosts on lower security interfaces.If you do not know the answer to a question or are only partially sure of the answer, you should mark that question as wrong for purposes of the self-assessment.