casino nova scotia halifax hours of operation

(2) Subject to Section 6, the company shall not obtain goods and services in loto indiens maternelle excess of 15 000 per year from any one supplier, unless otherwise approved by the Executive Director.
Maintenance and testing of equipment 137 All surveillance equipment shall be subject to random testing by the Executive Director or an agent of the Executive Director.
Floor plan 19 (1) No casino operator shall operate a casino unless the casino operator has submitted a floor plan of the casino to the Executive Director and the Executive Director has approved the floor plan.
Ticket means a coupon, ticket or voucher accepted for use in the casino that represents a money equivalent and that (i) is issued as a form of payment to a player from a slot machine, redemption unit or electronic gaming device or machine, and (ii) is redeemable.Gaming Control Act,.N.S.(3) The backup device shall be kept within the locked or sealed logic board compartment.It is for your personal use and may not be copied for the purposes of resale in this or any other form.Section 250 repealed:.I.C.As 134(1) 226/2005.(2) The progressive meter must be conspicuously displayed at or near the machines to which the jackpot applies.Roulette balls 123 Balls used in gaming at roulette shall be made completely lotos oil company poland of a non-metallic substance.(2) Despite Sections 10 and 51, a person who provides goods or services for the operation of a casino is exempt from the requirement to register as a casino non-gaming-related supplier and from subsection (1) if the person has obtained a written certificate of exemption from.(5) The Corporation shall maintain up-to-date and current copies of each of the following and provide a copy of each to the Executive Director: (a) the procedures established under subsection (1 (b) the training materials referred to in subsection (4 (c) the list of the positions determined under subsection.(2) Individuals who conduct themselves in a disruptive manner shall be removed from the casino for a period of not less than 24 consecutive hours.(3) Subsection (2) does not apply to applications for gaming assistants who are food and beverage servers and do not have access to the gaming floor.Thursday 10:00am - 4:00am, friday 10:00am - 12:00am, saturday 12:00am - 12:00am, sunday 10:00am - 4:00am.Days and Hours of Operation 29 Despite any enactment regarding opening and closing days and hours of providing goods and services, (a) casinos are prescribed as providing goods and services for purposes of the exemption provisions of subsection 3(2) of the Retail Business Uniform Closing Day Act.
(4) A bill validator or redemption unit must immediately void all tickets that have been redeemed and if a ticket cannot be voided immediately, the ticket (a) must be returned to the player; and (b) is not eligible for redemption until it can be voided.
Special Funds, record of Gaming Equipment Inventory, equipment testing costs.

Sensitive area means an area of the casino in which money or gaming assets are directly at risk; shift boss means the casino key employee responsible for supervising all casino employees on any given shift; Definition of slot booth repealed:.I.C.Double zero roulette wheel 120 Each double zero roulette wheel shall have 38 equally spaced pockets around the wheel where the roulette ball shall come to rest.Standards respecting progressive slot machines 87 In addition to the standards and requirements set out in Sections 62 to 86, progressive slot machines must meet the requirements set out in Sections 88.Special Funds 32 (1) The Governor in Council may by order establish special funds pursuant to clause 2(n) of the Provincial Finance Act and authorize the Corporation to pay from casino revenues, money into those funds for charitable purposes, addiction treatment and such other purposes as the.(2) Test methodology must detect.99 of all possible failures.45 Utilization of gaming chips, tokens and equipment used by a gaming school for gaming by any person is prohibited and shall constitute cause for the suspension or revocation of the gaming school and instructor approval made in accordance with Section.Subsection 53(2) repealed:.I.C.30ANotwithstanding subsection 30(3 a casino operator may, directly or indirectly, grant credit to or make loans to, or facilitate the granting of credit to or making loans to, individuals playing games of chance in a casino who are not permanent residents of the Province.Definition of drop box release key repealed:.I.C.(4) In addition to the specifications in subsection (2 a token must not be manufactured from (a) material possessing sufficient magnetic properties to allow it to be accepted by a coin mechanism other than that of a slot machine; or (b) a three-layered material consisting of a copper-nickel.Casino employee means an individual who is employed in the operation of a casino and who does not supervise other individuals employed in the casino and includes (i) a dealer, a security employee, a count room employee, a cashiers cage employee, a slot machine employee,.(2) Adequate lighting shall be present in all areas of a casino and count rooms to enable video recordings.Associated Equipment 93 No casino operator shall permit the installation or use of associated equipment unless the equipment has been approved by the Executive Director and is installed or used in accordance with the terms of that approval.(2) The direction referred to in subsection (1) shall include (a) the full legal name of the individual and any known aliases; (b) the date of birth of the individual; (c) a physical description and recent photograph, if available, of the individual; and (d) the last known home and business.2(t) and 2(u) is repealed.N.S.254 (1) If the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board concludes after a hearing in the case of clauses 252(a (b (c) or (d) that the individual shall be refused access to casinos in Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board shall issue a direction.
41 Each gaming table and each slot machine shall have a serial number permanently affixed.

As 20(1) 143/2002.
Subsection 6(6) repealed:.I.C.