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Log in with itch. I've been really looking forward to this. I think it's going to be a LONG night!


For me it's very hard to download from your link. Yeah I should've clarified. I would definitely like both if that's possible l, I don't want anyone to have issues like I do. If you aren't talking about the incest patch, then you're gonna have to specify what patch you're talking about. Hey Killer 7, i got an idea for you to solve your No Incest problem. I've played games like A Town Uncovered, House Chores and Life in Woodchester, where patreon banned incestuous themes, the way they got around the issue, was by allowing players to decide the relationship between the main character and the characters that are supposed to be related to the mc.

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That way, people can choose to enable incestuous content or not, and you'll be able to indirectly add in incestuous content without violating Patreon's Terms of Service. The default choice would be something like landlady, but players could be given the option of changing it to mother.

They already had an unlock code and got rid of it, so multiple choice probably wouldn't work. Being able to type custom roles might though. Sorry, bad wording on my part, i don't mean options, as in multiple choice.

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But options, as in being able to type in what the relationship between characters is. The main issue with that which program, he is using for coding it. Some coding programs makes it so complicated, you want it simple. That's why I like Python about that. RenPy already lets you put your name in, putting roles in shouldn't be any more complicated as a concept, going back and replacing already existing instances of the roles could be tedious work. Can someone tell me when i can start Tanja's route?

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I love this game so much. Not gonna lie I can relate to the MC's past with his dad I had sorta had the same problem but not that bad. I've lost probably hours of sleep the past few days of just enjoying this game. I hope you enjoy making the. Hm, could you try a mirror? Maybe this will help. The one im talking about was Alanna and she from Solvalley ane House Arrest. I got them mixed up because hiw idenitcal they both were same hair style and clothing but different hair color sorry im sorry. I incest game patreon find and save the "Save" directory for Android and still cannot find it but I played all the way through again for the latest update.

I have to say, I didn't mind playing through again, this is a phenomenal story. I came for the lewd, stayed for the heart warming story. I did a whole video just about the game, I hope more people get to know this amazing wholesome game! Thanks Killer7. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I've tried multiple times on android to move the lewd mod onto the game file. I've achieved it but even when I reinstall it still comes up as landlady. Any tips? I would greatly appreciate it. Hey I like the story so far but i have to say that i hate Honeyselect, i would rather see this story made with Daz3D and not Honeyselect.

But i like the story really much. If you read this i hope you had or will have a good day.

Hey there. My next game will be made with daz3d graphics, I'm glad you enjoy the story though! Here is a sneak peek of Tanja route Linkthat's literally what I felt when I was "dating" her.

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When you end the last date with Tanja and tell her about Lucy I literally laughed so menacingly that I woke up and scared my roommates. This is an awesome game. Much better than some other similar games. However, my reason for this comment is that I can't find the game "My New Memories" anywhere. Can somebody tell me where I can find it?

Patreon incest games: play for free here!

Oh okay. Thanks for that clear up. I'm looking foward to it because your "My New Family" is really good. Most games like yours tend to seem on the rushed side, whereas- yours looks like you've put a lot of tlc into it. One more thing I don't like how they say landlady for mom and landlord for dad is there a way to change that?

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I love this game with all my heart. I would ask for you to make updates faster but I know they take time and lots of it. So I'm just going to say keep up the great work.

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Is MC gonna keep on being such a passive character? For example not calling the sisters out on their lying, manipulation, and stealing when he clearly knew what was going on. Or, you know, he just sees this as "fun between siblings" where no one is manipulating him and everything is in good spirit?

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Don't have such a narrow headed view on things, no one means any harm for anyone in this game. No one ever lied, no one ever stole and no one ever manipulated him.

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If you mean the Alice situation it is what I wrote earlier - fun between siblings. You should look for something where choices matter. Alot of these are the kind where you either see it from a certain point of view or it can get a little frustrating since you would do it but can't cuz the MC feels different.

And you should shut the fuck up just like the guy over there 'cause both of you are some depressed fuckers and have nothing to do here. This game is clearly not meant for you OR you didn't get the full meaning of it. Well, since I happen to like the game I'm feeling like you might be projecting a little. Just because I don't use every comment to praise something doesn't mean I don't like it. Maybe you should take your own advice and shut the fuck up if a comment isn't meant for you, or maybe not retardedly respond to someone after almost 2 months because you misunderstand something.

Have a better day since you seem sad enough to have nothing better to do than be here commenting dumb shit. Would it be possible for yor to add another way of donating? I don't want to use Patreon if I can avoid it Hm I wonder how the mc has no incest game patreon problems, I wish there was one, but dont get the wrong Idea killer7 I don't want the gingers sad, but could you add a bit of a tragedy to the mc, love your game by the way, and looking forward to the next update.

Dude, do you want more tragedy for the MC than he already has gone through? You probably didn't read a single dialogue line correctly in the last few updates that are literally all about him and his past with Martin so go back and read them carefully, fucker. Interested plot good that elanda and Mary are on good terms with incest game patreon I thought probably be more fighting in the family.

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Loved the update It was amazing Killer7, truly, from the bottom of my heart, your work is truly passionate, wonderful, amazing, ingenious, marvellous, take your pick But i think you can also show how the MC is intelligent by him giving advise to Fiona to expand her business and how she is grateful for that or something like, just a thought, you are a better judge They will work fine, yes.

I play on android btw. Patreon rules means the dev cant have that in the game so it needs to be patched in.

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