Youre not going to see your Mom again for a long time, Jack says to his friend.
Financially speaking, the loss didnt hurt Grimm too greatly, as he was a millionaire many times over, not from poker but from other forms of gambling, mainly drilling oil wells.
Perhaps predictably, Grimm failed to survive the first day of play, finishing outside the top 20 among a field.Leonardo DiCaprio's character wins his way onto the Titanic in a game of poker.The implication is that those quests were as futile as his attempt to beat top pros like Brunson and others at the wsop.When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.During its initial theatrical run, titanic broke box office records to become the highest-grossing film of all time (a record since eclipsed by Camerons.Apparently betting before the draw was heavy enough to build a pot full of coins from various countries, a knife, a pocket watch, and a couple of third-class tickets for the.M.S.And as it happens, a few of the stories concerning the ill-fated ship - both historical and imagined - involved poker.The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic recently passed, marking that fateful night when the famous ocean liner struck an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the northern Atlantic.Titanics scheduled trip from Southampton to New York City.Somebodys lifes about to change.
Liberty Magazine two decades after the tragedy starlight casino buffet yelp in which she described having joined a private poker game that took place in one of the B deck suites featuring a private promenade.

Coinciding with the events centennial is a rerelease of James Camerons 1997 blockbuster.Hey, at least Jack didnt say he had a full boat.While poker is hardly prominent.During the draw, Sven takes a single card, as does Jack."When You Got Nothing You Got Nothing to Lose".He explained that in a previous session one of the players had been under suspicion, and rather than bar him from the game, this time it would be simpler to let him see that the table was filled.Henry sadly did not survive.The Titanic, as fate would have it, Harris slipped when descending the stairs and broke her arm, thus preventing her from returning to the game.
In an interview given years later to Titanic historian Walter Lord, Harris filled in a few more details about the poker game, explaining that they used 1 chips and that she had done quite well for herself.

Grimm would never earn official credit for finding the ship, although his searches were said by some to have provided valuable clues for later seekers.