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Queens legacy game

In Legacy of Queens players are brought into a world of beautiful warrior queens, each of which are in need of your help and willing to give you their blessings as payment for your assistance. Players can create a character from one of three classes: knight, ranger, or assassin. Knights charge headlong into the fray, able to take massive amounts of damage with their great resilience and sturdy armor.

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In the world of Legacy of Queens, warrior queens need your help and are willing to give you their blessing to receive it. Choose one of the three game classes: a knight, a ranger or an assassin. Complete tasks and quests, from dark dungeons to PvP arenas, and grow in power as you do so. Collect a team of mighty warriors as you adventure, and lead them into battle.

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Discussion Reviews 1. Aug 6, 1, 12, Downlo : You must be registered to see the links. Feb 12, 3, 5, Fun game.

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Easy to play and easy to get to the h-content. What more can a man ask for? Lightsaber sounds for the win. Reactions: GaRbSPorokichin and alissonkeller. May 23, Looks Good and With 1. Donwloading and then lets see Edit: So my Friends, for all who wants to know a bit of this Game. İ played now the First two Worlds you can visit.

You can go to the City or Teleport to your Room any time to renew your Health, but you have to go back the hole way. All in All, nice Game, for those who like the Art Style have time.

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Last edited: May 27, Reactions: iloveass2 and ponyguy. May 4, 9 Fun gamefrom what i played it has nice scenes and content.

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Shame all my progress rolled back depsite saving four of five times. Reactions: edgartheslayer and ponyguy.

PinkLotion New Member. Aug 13, 1 1. Looks like a pretty good RPG game. Hopefully more adventure and corruption genres pop up. Reactions: ponyguy. May 2, 52 Good game but only me have problem with save files that delete all the progress?

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Reactions: johny12 and ponyguy. RazzleDazzle Member Donor. Apr 29, How the fuck do you jump that huge gap in the very beginning from the rock to the ledge? RazzleDazzle said:. I made the first big jump to the ledge with the two moving platforms but now I can't make it on top of those either. I just kinda quit once I got up there. Even holding down the up button to jump higher wouldn't get me on top of the moving platforms.

Dec 17, 49 Seems i solved it. Also if this is the english version, "savefiles" works well if i run it with APPLocale. Weird, isn't it? Reactions: killmeordie. Now you can't just say that and not tell us what you did to fix it, that save wipe thing is driving me nuts. Reactions: pirollo. Aiden Active Member.

Legacy of queens

Oct 1, Guys, anyone got a save for me? Reactions: PitchyHornet. Help Active Member. Aug 5, Anyone know how to unlock Lost Labrynth.

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Help said:. After completing the other three quests, go and talk again with the Kaiser, he'll ask you to go in the Lost Labyrinth. After every quest, talking to the Kaiser will open the new tasks. Ice-Person Newbie. May 6, 50 How do you get the silver and gold keys? Emma Jones New Member.

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Jun 7, 4 2. How do you get to the Metal Ruins? I killed the bandits but I didn't get another quest. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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