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Rape train game

A computer game in which players compete to rape women and get them to abort their babies has been pulled from sale on Amazon. Rapelay, a Japanese "rape simulation" game which revolves around the premise of "hunting" down and raping a single mother and her two daughters, had been available via the online retailer's US site until an investigation by the Belfast Telegraph drew attention to it yesterday.

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Attending a women's college - Mt. One friendsgiving at Mt. Holyoke, a classmate revealed her PTSD to me; she told me it resulted from a local candidate's son raping her while driving her home from volunteering - for his mom. Five months later, guys from Dartmouth College visited our campus; they spent their Saturday night destroying Mt.

That beautiful old statue had weathered a hundred New England winters, but she proved no match for a handful of disrespecting, destructive college men. The next morning, the same guys recruited girls on campus to play an outdoor game on our school quad - but it turned out the "game" involved simulating sexual assault.

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As Dr. Blasey-Ford alleged of Kavanaugh in front of the US Senate last week, the Dartmouth men were having fun at our expense, simulating rape as entertainment, humiliating us as females as a part of their game. College administrators never told us whether the Dartmouth students were ever reprimanded. It all was swept under the rug.

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We were thrown under the rape train. A rape train.

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A popular meme in online gaming, the phrase describes when a gamer has the upper hand over his opponent and taunts them. I never really accepted that females were constantly under threat of sexual attack until well after my college years.

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Right after college, I was stalked by a serial rapist who'd followed me home from a ballet class. He gave up on me when he realized the police knew, but I knew of other women he stalked - and they never found him. Then a few years later, a friend here in LA told me about the time she was jumped walking home one night - her assailant had a rope lashed around her throat from behind.

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She was able to fight him off and flee, which amazed me. In fact, last week on Twitter, a hashtag went viral, asking what women would do if men had a curfew of p. Research and books about rape culture often describe the situation this way:.

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A rape culture condones physical and emotional terrorism against women as the norm. In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life, inevitable. Simple changes can happen to help this change start. For example, put women in charge of their own college parties.

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At Mt. Holyoke, we were always in charge at our parties - the men attended events in our dormitory cafeterias, we had paid chaperones, and we were surrounded by friends who had our backs. I for one would love to live in a world free of weaponized sex and assault, where the vulnerable are protected instead of exploited.

Be the solution.

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