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Simbro alice kidnapped

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What is my age: 25
Where am I from: Estonian
What is my gender: Woman
Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
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Forum rules This forum is for posting and collaborating upon third party Flash work. Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. Topic locked. I just want to make a small suggestion on pregnancy. Maybe have it end with a trip to the hospital about 5 days after the baby bump shows?

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There could also be a toggle-able option to make the game little harder by her suddenly feeling responsible for the baby ies and pay child support for each of them while they are raised in an orphanage. We don't even need to see the baby or know if it a boy or girl.

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Having only the pink dress available as maternity wear gets old fast. But I have some suggestions, which I think wouls improve the game. For example he could be ased to the security room and manage customers from there. For ever checked customer he gets a small amount of xp maybe If there is one costomer who does'nt want to pay, you can fight him to get your money.

Looking for some traits like "bouncer" or "nympho".

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And there should be more Maids to hire. As Female you can just have Alice And how is it calculated?? How can I improve it??

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What is needed for Glory-Hole? Or for pole dancing? To prevent this you can buy condomes or the pill. During Pregnancy the girl should get a disadvantage. For example lesser stamina, lesser mood, lesser flexibility Pregnancy should end after some days. Giving brith makes the girl unable to work for 2 days. It doesn't make sense that she gets raped after each lost fight and later in the story she tells you that she is virgin Just send them there from the cabinet.

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With high flexibility and a weapon with high damage she would be a good addition to a fighting party. High dignity and low sex skills too, so that she isn't a good whore. Maybe you get some of this into the game or at least I could give you some new ideas.

Keep on! Wake up in the middle of the night in an "immobilized" under control and "blind" or by masked people state with drop some mood, health, stamina, dignity in the morningor maybe even in the morning in one of your own free cells for a whole day or at some different place for ivent. And MC dignity will drop on 2 every visit without resistance and up on 2 every visit with between Event with Elda is somewhat vague, I was able to get at the end character with 40 dignity and 25 with 3rd attempt I don't know whether this is a bug or not, simbro alice kidnapped the Traker doesn't want to go below 40 yet.

Female MC doesn't have opportunity to get into brothel neither a secretary from the bank, nor a nurse at least I don't know how to do it but sometimes orders in the bar require them.

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Event with Alice if not to interfere with gangsters ends with the loss of her an. In this regard, it's not clear why all cares so much about full satisfaction of customers in the last few s? Last edited by Alkizon on Sun Apr 23, pm, edited 3 times in total. WonderGamer out! There's 10 I believe events that you can do to lower dignity.

So you can miss one like the Julia hire and keep to the lowered one. On the dates, IIRC, you can have her call you her boyfriend as the last stage where she handcuffs you and rubs up on you.

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So if you haven't gotten to that point, then that's the final Alice event I know of besides the kidnapping which I haven't played. Also, work on your charm and wits. Keep hers low. Put stats in everything else but those two things. Makes life easier on getting her to accept dates.

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Sex with client second time Sim-Bro time bug. Sex with client third time Sim-Bro time bug. Sex with client forth time Sim-Bro time bug. Sex with client fifth time Sim-Bro time bug.

Alice romain porn alice romain alice romain

Sex with client sixth time Sim-Bro time bug. Sim-Bro time bug. Last edited by WonderGamer on Fri May 05, am, edited 6 times in total.

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Quick question, how far can you get as FC with Alice right now? I keep dating her but all she does is run off "you know im inexperienced. I seem to recall this wasn't always like that - but I might be misremembering -- I've not played as FC for a few months. I'm considering this a bug, because I could not figure out any sort of mechanic behind it.

The girl is apparently chosen at random, she's not the highest level, best service quality, highest stat in anything etc.

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We're delaying the release for a few days more. Here, peek on Alice after kidnapping FC scene which comes with this release as well! Is it too late to find Eva in WC. On that note, has anyone found Alice in an empty gloryhole room the last few updates? Since 2. Older versions I'd find her in there every two or three days.

Simbro :how to do the event where alice gets captured ?

Badbadleroybrown, she goes into the bathroom every so often. Not sure if it's a set of days or random, but just check the bank once every day.

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Eventually she'll be in there. Wait out the period without releasing the Whore, continue attacking with sexual attacks if you'd like. When the remaining Tease duration heart symbol runs out, the Whore apparently gets released from the Grab without it actually showing as such on the screen Whore still appears to be grabbed by your Thugbut attack options would conclude she's already been released.