And marriage developed everywhere to encourage men to stick around their children.
We are an odd collection assembled here, stuck fast like stubborn limpets to that eastern shore throughout the winter.Qinnián sh chinese : 6 derived from the full Japanese name of the skill "Leaf village's secret finger jutsu: A thousand years of death" konohakagure hiden taijutsu gi: Sennen Goroshi this term derives from the popular.I knew she had to come to me each time, it was just a case of sticking it out.Stick this note to Chris's computer chariot caisse a roulette so he sees it when he gets back. I dont know how you stick.Times, Sunday Times (2011)But out on the grassy fields, impressive numbers of snipe poked and probed about.If children on the programme stick their tongues out, we don't condemn.You make a SHlme LEchl and some one sticks.Naruto franchise, where, kakashi Hatake uses an enhanced version of the prank on the eponymous protagonist during his ninja training.With the bubbles sticking to it, the density of the grape machine a sous occasion 64 was less than that of the soda.Julitis disgustedly cleaned it frorn her shoe with a stick.It was summer, and the door, which was rarely opened, must have swelled in place and stuck fast.
I couldn't stick it up at the back or I'd look aged, haggard, forty years old.

They were helpless little flies stuck fast to a sticky trap from which there was no escape.Stick it I reckon it must have been a practical joke : some one sticking it in her chair.The synonyms have been arranged depending on the number of charachters so that they're easy to find.Why doesn't one just stick to the ordinary, real time that we understand?She stuck her chewing gum on the bottom of the chair.Nesbit The Treasure Seekers (1899)One mannequin has a taped mouth and a missing hand, while an arm pokes from a drawer.Peter was very hot, and his shirt was sticking to his back.

Tongue out With her eyes still crossed, she stuck her tongue out and tried to curl it upwards.
The doctor had to stick a tube down my throat in order to examine my stomach.