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An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Will he use it to pursue his own deepest desires? Or will he and his friends be caught between forces they don't understand? For detailed version notes, please see the dedicated changelog thread on the forum. Version 4.

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Student Transfer Version 5. The title began its development back inwhere it was imagined as a sort of successor to Press-Switcha visual novel that covers the same general subject matter. In the ensuing five years, Student Transfer has grown and iterated upon itself dramatically, with the latest release of Version 5 featuring overwords of content.

The game itself follows John Davis, a fairly unremarkable high school student whose ordinary life becomes extraordinary one fateful night when he either receives an incredibly powerful alien remote as a consolation gift after being probed by some aliens or receives an ancient spellbook written by his ancestors.

From this initial decision, the game opens up into a sprawling web of routes featuring an expansive cast of colorful characters with a structure more comparable to a choose-your-own-adventure interactive story than a more traditional visual novel. This is student transfer game best represented by how messy and confusing in the game can be, to the point where I have taken it upon myself to map out its myriad routes and paths in a semi-coherent manner available at the bottom of this review. Because the game is so big and expansive, it is not feasible for me to talk about everything in a single review, but the core competencies of Student Transfer can be seen throughout pretty much every route.

Student transfer (collab vn) -

By being a collaborative title, Student Transfer invites writers to bring their own unique voices and spins on the world, characters, and subject matter of Student Transfergiving the title more breadth, diversity, and content overall than it would have if it only had a single creative lead.

This is especially impressive given how poorer managed collaborative writing-based efforts like this tend to be a free-for-all of quality, but for a project with so many current and former dev members and a cast of over 80 characters, I am continuously impressed by how consistent everything manages to be. And by being a title aimed at a niche group of enthusiasts, it has access to people who know how to use the subject matter to tell student transfer game good story.

This is something of a rarity, as the majority of writing on TSF and related subject matter is often cheaply constructed for erotic thrills, but has plenty of room and potential for greater narrative exploration. Which is precisely what the developers do here. Taking the subject matter seriously and using it as a tool to craft quality character-driven narratives that only delve into the sexual end of things for the sake of adding to the story overall… for the most part.

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This is all true for the dev team, and their efforts are visible throughout every route of Student Transferbut the title is also more than just what is seen in the base game. As Student Transfer doubles as both a robust visual novel and a platform for fan-created Scenarios. Stories disconnected from the base game that uses the same engine, assets, and often universe. I actually began reviewing these Scenarios back inand after going through over 40 of them, I can safely say that they run the gamut in regards to quality, but there are plenty of gems to be found in these fan-works.

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With some being on-par with the routes featured in the base game. They do a lot to extend the life of Student Transfer and keep the project relevant even during the long lulls between full version updates. However, writing is merely one area where Student Transfer triumphs, as it is also one of the most impressive looking visual novels I have ever played. The title is assembled using assets borrowed from other visual novels, primarily those from the developer Candysoft, and while this does lead to some stylistic discrepancies, the dev team has really made these assets their own over the past few years.

Custom outfits, CG edits, and a dedication to the overall presentational quality. It makes the presentations of most other visual novels seem needlessly stilted in comparison and has led to some of the most impressive presentational feats I have seen in a visual novel outside of the Muv-Luv series.

That covers my thoughts on the game in general, but what makes each new release special is naturally the bevy of new student transfer game and extensions introduced with each update. And considering this update saw the introduction of aboutwords of new stuff, there is a lot to go over. Lies are spun, confusion runs rampant, and both John and Cassie struggle to gel with the minutiae of another person, while also trying to mend things over with Holly.

One is the relationships between John, Cassie, Elizabeth, and Holly. In the majority of Student Transfer routes, the intertwining relationships tend to be very direct between two people, John and another person, but here the story is working from multiple angles. John wants to make right with Holly as he is inadvertently responsible for her breakdown and wants to make things right with Cassie and Elizabeth, two people who, despite being strangers to him at first, he comes to develop strong bonds with over the span of the route.

Cassie wants to help out her best friend Holly and while she is begrudgingly thrown into this situation at first and confides in Elizabeth, she learns to trust John as they spent more time with and as each other. Meanwhile, Holly serves as the initial driving force for this storyline, as all other characters want to restore her happiness and improve their troubled relationships with her, which includes maintaining a degree of secrecy about the alien remote, as that would only complicate her already muddled mental state.

In doing so, they help Holly with her interpersonal issues, bring them to light, and give her the confidence to both open up to her loved ones and embrace her true self. All of which is far more character development and general characterization than she had been granted in any route before this.

The dynamics of this relationship square lay the groundwork for a great character-driven story, but where this story would ordinarily end, it received a sudden yet appreciated extension. Granting the player more time to see these characters grow and develop over time, hang out with them as they go through their lives, and see them cope with the long-term repercussions of their actions in a way that these types of stories seldom do. All before reaching a series of endings that range from the most uproariously jovial of outcomes to dismal conclusions student transfer game the characters are rendered shells of their former selves.

Crippled by the power of an all-too-easily misused doohickey, and unable to reclaim what was lost. Who, like most of the writing staff currently involved in the project, began as a Scenario writer. And since his humble origins with The Festival he has grown considerably as a writer, honing his English skills and pursuing more ambitious and detailed narratives, all of which gloriously culminates in the MaidenSwap route.

MemSwap: Serving as the only dedicated family route in the current release, the MemSwap route follows John after he offers the alien remote to his mother, Sandra, allowing her to take a break from the stress and mundanity of her life and enjoy the carefree life of a teenage boy. But in order to facilitate such a life swap, even temporarily, memories need to be exchanged for the pair to at least resemble some facet of their old lives. Something that could technically be done with a simple student transfer game of all relevant memories, but Sandra decides that full-on and periodic memory transfers would be a more thorough way of going about things.

All of which sounds like it would be the basis for a story about a greater identity crisis, but no.

Student transfer scenario list

It is a deep dive on a hyper-specific concept that is fleshed out to its full potential and is peppered with amusing anecdotes and awkward interactions as the characters flip flop between their lives and begin viewing the world from a different perspective.

Which, while a bit upsetting, simply means this route was too girthy and ambitious to be contained in this update, and will likely be the showcase student transfer game whenever Version 6 comes out. Beyond the lack of a conclusion, my only real criticism with this route is… its premise. How it is based on memory swapping rather than memory sharing and copying. Which could be used to mold John and Sandra into more well-rounded individuals able to view situations and people from two unique perspectives, as opposed to mostly switching around their identities and general personas bit by bit.

I get that this is the overall point of the story, for the transformation to be gradual, uneven, awkward, and overall extreme as the characters begin to resemble each other in both body and mind. And I like what luckysquid is doing with this route. But I really like it when characters gain the memories of others and allow them to ferment and gestate together.

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Leading to an additive mental transformation where the person at the end is more intelligent, skilled, thoughtful, or otherwise better than they were before. At least until now, where the Popular Possession stub was dusted off and given a ificant expansion that sees John share his newfound magical prowess with Kiyoshi, who, being the classically-styled anime supporting character he is, decides to possess the hottest body he can think of, which happens to be Sayaka Sato.

Student transfer scenario reviews - part 1 | nigma box

And as John repeatedly fails to convince Kiyoshi to return to his old life by making use of his magical powers, things start to get complicated. As ly explored in the Mina route, possession in Student Transfer allows one to peer into the memories of the possessed, but in doing so the possessor risks losing their identity, as they become confused as to just who they are due to the conflicting memories. With Kiyoshi becoming so obsessed with understanding Sayaka that he steadily begins to lose himself in the process. All of which is presented across student transfer game route that closes in on itself after these unique possession scenes and, despite covering the same events, does lead to very different outcomes in a move that uses the interlocking variables of Student Transfer well and in an unobtrusive way.

It not only gives the route two different flavors, and easily warrants two playthroughs, but these choices will inevitably lead to unique conclusions whenever the lead writer, Narg, carries this route to its expected conclusion.

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Magic Sayaka: While Sayaka has remained a consistent presence in Student Transfer since its inception, she has primarily served more as an ancillary or antagonistic role in routes. Meanwhile, the brand new Magic Sayaka sees John as he accidentally uses an untested spell on Sayaka. Transformation hi-jinks and horror ensue, awkwardness brews, and after a traumatic experience, John is effectively indebted to Sayaka and the two form up an unexpected alliance.

Mistakes are made, impersonations go as poorly as one might expect, and a clear tension builds between the two as Sayaka is forced out of her narrowly defined comfort zone, and complications are left to brew as the story eases into the end of its fifth day. Overall, I found a lot to like about this route. The uneasy relationship and interactions between John and Sayaka keep the story compelling just in regards to their back and forward.

Sayaka herself is presented in a different light that makes her character feel like a more well-rounded person. And the implementation of unique transformations and associated sprites further illustrates the presentational ambition of the development team as a whole, as they scrounge for the ideal sprites or kitbash them together into something impressively polished.

Magic Allie: Allison is one of those characters who has been fluttering in the background of Student Transfer for quite some time, having relatively few traits or lines to call her own, not being student transfer game central student transfer game in any route, and getting far more play in fan-created Scenarios.

Which expectedly kicks off as John foolishly decides to start spouting spells from his dandy old tome while at school, and incidentally catches the attention of Allison. Not wanting to be a memory-wiping dastard, John decides to let Allison in on his secret, accepts her as his assistant, and proceeds to rush into another magical experiment.

Overall, I consider this route to be very standard, mostly due to how formulaic its structure feels next to so many other Student Transfer routes and Scenarios. Impulsive use of power le to a predicament where identities are impersonated, perspectives are gained, and awkward situations are avoided or embraced.

It is a very straightforward addition with no new choices or major revelations, but out of all the additions this update brought, this is the one I feel the most… mixed about. Mostly due to what actually happens during the date between John and Sadie, which sees them go to a karaoke place to hang out, sing, and swap their bodies about. Starting from the top, a body swap karaoke scene is a wonderful idea conceptually, as it gives the swapped a chance to come to terms with the differences of using a different set of vocal cords, lungs, and hearing the voice of a different octave leave their throat.

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The choice of music can be used to vicariously add something to the characters. While the use of lyrics can do the same for the tone, events, or overall theme of the story. And without vocals, you really need to push another angle to get the scene to work. The descriptions are not as thorough, heady, or insightful to support the scene on a writing front. The changing music in-game is only a loose approximation of the songs being sung in-universe. And the lack of any lyrics, whether they be real, modified, or made up entirely, robs the scene of an angle that could have done a lot to better establish the relationship between John and Sadie.

Instead, the scene comes and goes before the relationship shoved to the next level. First with a playful first kiss and then, literally 21 lines later, with a blowjob. But in its current form, it re like a sex student transfer game pulled straight out of an erotic comic.

A sex scene pulled straight out of a bad erotic comic. NatSwap: The Natsumi, or NatSwap, route is one of those dead ends that has been fluttering about since the release of Version 2. It sows a slew of seeds for expansion and could blossom into a variable-rich route with enough iteration, but that remains to be seen, as the current release is more of an introduction than anything else. A good introduction that adds a ly unseen layer to the world and cast of Student Transfer by shifting the focus to an elementary school and framing things from the perspective of a young.

But it is an introduction I have two issues with.

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Firstly, there are too many dramatic pauses laced throughout the dialogue for them to be impactful, and they last an annoyingly long amount of time. Pauses like this should typically be optimized for those with a faster reading speed and used sparingly so they remain impactful.