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Torrent vr games reddit

The concept of virtual reality VR has been around for several decades, but, until recently, even the best VR heets were not very accessible to consumers from either a cost or usability standpoint. Apart from a few cool demos, VR seemed like vaporware.

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Torrents are definitely cleaner and simpler. Any sites you all know of that have torrents for VR games? Edit: Thanks for all the posts that shame me and call me a fucking moron for not reading the pinned post, but I was just asking for torrent site recommendations, not how to use the Rookie side loader app. Way to make a new user of the sub feel welcome lol. Here's a recommended tip that almost everyone here will tell you. Read the pinned post.

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Can someone explain to me what rclone browser does and how to use it?

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So I hear people talk about this one hear and there, and all I need to know is are they talking about having them both open on the pc at the same time, or having pirated games on the quest while using side quest. That's it, just a small question.

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I've installed quite a bit of things using Rookie, and it's serviceable of course, but I'd love it if I could fix the titles of some of the games so they properly sort alphabetically, and if there's a way to get the icons like a regular Quest app that'd be even better. Any suggestions would be very helpful! It days it failed to create file system for vrp mirror as it contains a invalid character. I finally got virtual desktop running great with a deco wifi 6 proxy router hooked up to my computers ethernet port.

I have a and a cpu and had some questions.

Vr hardware for gaming

With this setup will it run games better over wireless at max settings than natively on the quest? I have a library of steam vr games but was interested in pirating some to play?

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Can i easily run pirated games through virtual desktop? Posts FAQ. Hot New Top Rising.

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Hot New Top. Posted by 9 months ago. The Definitive Quest Piracy Guide.

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Posted by Mod. Posted by 13 hours ago. Posted by 1 day ago.

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Don't use sidequest with rookie sideloader at the same time? Posted by 2 days ago. Is there a good way to sort unknown sources games on the Quest 2?

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Sidenoder says rclone failed on mount command. Question after setting up virtual desktop? New to the commmunity with a quest 2.

What's not here?

About Community. A group dedicated to the discussion of piracy for the Oculus quest and Quest 2, the standalone VR gaming heets from Oculus.

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